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Our story began in 1983, when we embarked on our first manufacturing project alongside an unwavering commitment to service and value. Over the years, Garcoa has gradually earned its reputation as leaders in health, beauty, OTC, and cleaning-supply categories. Providing superior products of exceptional performance and design is where we stand a cut above the rest. We impart research and development, engineering, creative design, and marketing expertise to some of the world’s most trusted personal care brands. From conception, to production, to shipment, our renowned team of industry specialists are eager to bring your vision to life with multifaceted proficiency. 
Garcoa’s mission is a commitment to deeply understand our clients’ needs and wants in order to develop products that continually exceed expectations of value. This means formulating high-quality items, responding to all requests in a timely manner, and maintaining a superior level of integrity in our actions. We believe that we have a responsibility to give back, and aim to be completely carbon neutral by 2025.
We have been able to sustain our mission and promise of exceptional production over a wide range of years thanks to the hard work of our expert team. We value every professional working with us, and continually strive to nurture their personal and professional growth. Garcoa Inc. fosters a think-tank environment with a mindset that’s always optimized for development and learning. We work around the clock to expand our collective knowledge through the exploration of trending and traditional ideas. Want to know more?


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